When KEEN started in 2003
we made a promise to ourselves.
If the little shoe with a big toe bumper ever caught on, things would be done differently?we had the chance to act on that inspiration quickly. With only a year of business under our belt, KEEN already had a history of supporting good causes.
When the tsunami hit the Indian Ocean in 2004,
we rolled up our sleeves...
and joined the relief effort. We pulled our entire advertising budget and diverted it to Tsunami disaster relief. This single shift from "smart business" to " business with conscience" transformed the company and set the groundwork for Hybrid.Care, our giving program.
Since then, we’ve partnered
with non-profit organizations
around the world that are working towards building stronger communities and a healthier planet. We stand behind our partners, actively working to inspire responsible outdoor participation, and land and water conservation.
Since our inception, KEEN has given more than
$7 million in cash and resources
to nonprofit organizations around the globe…But it won’t stop there.
We're asking you to help us grant nonprofits in your community who are inspiring responsible outdoor participation ? It's called the KEEN Effect.

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Featured Care Partner

Engage businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values.
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